Video: My Thoughts on Coronavirus as an Artist

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Covid-19. Coronavirus. Pandemic. Self-quarantine. 

The world is a little scary at the moment.

People everywhere are being asked to stop, stay home, and help keep everyone healthy.

When I am home, I do art. But with so much going on, is art even still important?

My Thoughts on Art in Times of Crisis: YouTube Video About Coronavirus Pandemic

I made a video where I discuss my answer. (Which was YES, by the way!)

Art is still important for so many reasons. (What would we do in self-quarantine without books, videos, movies, etc.!?)

Also, I talk about many examples from history when art was made despite (or even because of!) war, famine, oppression, and political or social change.

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I’d Love to Hear From You!

As always, let me know your thoughts.

Do you agree? What is life like for you at the moment?

My “day job” work is still open, so I am not able to self-quarantine. Life hasn’t changed much for me, except that there’s less people out than normal.

If you need information on Coronavirus, this is a good resource: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please leave me a comment with your experiences, thoughts and ideas!

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