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artist jaime leigh graphicHi, I’m Jaime!

I am a mixed media artist and that means I am slightly obsessed with art. You know how when you discover a great new show on Netflix and you watch the first episode and think to yourself, wow, that was really great, I think I’ll watch one more . . . and suddenly it’s Sunday and you haven’t showered or seen the sun in 2 days and you’re 5 seasons in . . . and you wonder what the hell happened?


That’s me and art.

I can think of another example that will paint the picture for you (see what I did there?) about how much I love doing art. I am NOT a morning person. Like AT ALL. And yet . . . for the past year I have been waking up at 5am (I mean, give or take a few snooze buttons) several days a week to travel to my mentor’s art studio, where he is teaching me to be an artist.

That’s dedication! Its love! Its . . . well, probably insanity.


I guess this is the part where I talk about why this blog is here!

Everything You Need to Know About Being a Mixed Media Artist?

I love blogging and I have always struggled with what to blog about. One day, after many failed blogs, I realized, duh. I’m a mixed media artist with a ton of information and knowledge and I’m learning a ton more each day.

What could be better than sharing all that information with you?

Let me tell you, back when I started out as an artist I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I wish I’d had someone to tell me the basics, to show me how to achieve the looks I wanted and to tell me, yes, you CAN do this! I didn’t have that person then, so I will do the next best thing – be that person for you.

Warning: there are two requirements you must meet in order to read this blog! You must like art and salty language.

There, that’s it. Glad that’s out of the way. The “liking art” thing is a given (I would hope) but the salty language warning is because I love me a good cuss word. If this offends you, you probably won’t have fun here. I am one of those people who finds absolutely nothing wrong naughty words and I may let one slip occasionally.

So, if you are not all about that, sayonara, au revoir, happy trails to you!


Plays Final Jeopardy music.

What You’ll Learn Here

Ok, guys, it’s just us now? Like, for real?

Yay! Congratulations, you made it! You and I are going to have a blast!

So, here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Detailed mixed media art tutorials with photos
  • Tips and tricks I learned about doing mixed media art (what materials play nice together and what ones don’t? How do you use certain supplies? What happens if you mess up – can it be fixed? And more!)
  • Real talk about being an artist. I like the truth. Listen . . . I know there are a lot of artists out there who are perfectly well adjusted and have their shit together – and then there’s the rest of us. There’s a reason artists have historically been a little “out there.” I believe that being fully immersed in the creative world (like drowning in the ocean of creativity, not sticking a toe in) means that we exist in the real world a bit differently than other people. We are fiercely dedicated to what we do, we are deep thinkers, we can be sensitive daydreamers, we see the world in a different light, and we can often be battling huge demons. Being an artist is not all sunshine and light and I think it’s important to talk about that! I write about how to keep focusing creatively on your mixed media art when life is crazy. You might be facing something simple like a lack of time, or something major like depression. We’re artists but we’re human, too.

Also, whether you are a mixed media beginner artist or you have been doing this for a while, I want to know what you need. Leave me a comment with a question you’re wondering about, a supply you want me to talk about or an issue you’re having! You can also email me at and I will answer your q’s here on the blog.

I’m On YouTube!

I also have a YouTube Channel that is dedicated to mixed media art and/or art in general. I have done time lapse painting videos, art info videos, and  . . . some fun stuff like art conspiracy and haunted art videos! You can check out my channel by clicking the video thumbnails in the sidebar or just click here

What Kind of Artist Am I? (My Art Journey)

Technically, I call myself a mixed media artist, but there are so many different kinds of mma’s that I thought I’d take a moment an tell you what kind of art I actually do.

I see my art as a hybrid of mixed media art techniques and more traditional fine art/portraiture. Most of my paintings are done on canvas or panel, and feature a mixed media background with a person, animal or object painted in oils.

Torggler's Brahms study
Study of Torggler’s Brahms, mixed media on wood panel, 2018, Jaime L. Hebert

I do not really work in journals or on altered books or items. Many other mma’s do, though, so if that’s your jam then rock on!

I actually did do a minor in 2D art when I went to college, where I received a Bachelor of Science in Child Development. I took a break from art for a while, then I started doing scrapbooking in 2004 and then digital scrapbooking around 2007. From there I moved to doing mixed media on canvas and paper, teaching myself how to do different techniques and styles through books, YouTube videos and online courses.

In 2018, I started combining mixed media backgrounds with portraits on canvas. I showed a photo of my art by chance to a professional working artist who happened to come in to the store I work in . . . and he offered me a art show in his gallery.

I had my first local art show in June of 2018 and after that, I began to study oil painting techniques with the local artist, who became my mentor.

My painting “Queen” won Honorable Mention in the CAE Adult Art Show in September 2019 and I was a Featured Artist at the November 2019 Fort Smith Arts Walk. 

Today I am working on building my skills and establishing a presence online and locally, with my big dream being to quit the day job and do art/blogging full time!

Mixed Media Artist Posts You Might Like . . .

If you’re new here – Hi, welcome, and uh . . . I hope you like awkwardness and ill timed laughter! Cause that’s what you’re getting, along with everything I know about art and mixed media art. Go ahead and check out the following articles on my website and come back weekly for more:

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Five Fun Things About Me:

  1. My family includes 5 kids (THREE of whom are teenagers!), and 5 dogs! (A boxer, a Dalmatian, a wolf/malamute cross, a border collie and my beloved baby, Stella the French Bulldog). There’s also myself and my fiancé. I have learned a LOT about blended families, parenting, making things work . . . and I can tell you that it seems like everything works best when it seems like nothing is working at all!
  2. I am a total coffee addict – I love finding new flavored coffee brands to try and I adore my local coffeehouse for their amazing coconut caramel latte and homemade baked goods! Yum!
  3. I do NOT have a Maine accent, and never have. Weird, since most people I grew up with  – the force is strong with them! But since moving to the South, I’ve realized people have NO idea I’m a Northerner unless I tell them! Yeah, I blend!
  4. I have had my hair colored blue, purple, red and multicolored!
  5. I am crazy about skulls! Skull décor, skull clothes, jewelry, and even shoes!

Bonus fact: I’m an INFJ, an empath, and shy and introverted. It makes life  . . . interesting!

Have something you’d like me to cover? Let me know!

Have questions, comments or feedback? Drop me an email! I’d love to hear from you:

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My artist website is: It’s where I post my finished paintings and art works and my thoughts on being an artist. I do mixed media art with an emphasis on oil painted portraits. I do commissions, so if you are interested you can email me at or

Visit my Etsy shop to purchase my art: Dieselandink Etsy Shop

I am a member of the ArtistsWO collective. Visit our group here: Artists Without Chains

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