Mixed Media Techniques & Tips

Using super heavy matte gel

All About Layers in Mixed Media Art

Layers of different materials and supplies are what makes mixed media art different from other styles of art. You may ...
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alternatives to drawing feature image

Mixed Media Art Hack: Alternatives to Drawing

An Art Hack for When You Feel Uncomfortable Drawing Question: Are there any alternatives to drawing certain items for mixed ...
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band aid photo

Can You “Save” a Painting That Sucks?

If you've been doing art for any length of time, you may have the same problem I do. Half-finished artworks ...
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silver eyed girl painting

Amazing Eyes: 10 Hacks for Painting Realistic Eyes in Mixed Media Portraits

The Secret to Painting Realistic Eyes The eyes are the windows to the soul. The eyes have it. Beauty is ...
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mixed media materials

Mixed Media Art Tutorial: My Art Process Step-By-Step

In today's post, I will give you a mixed media art tutorial covering my art creation process step by step! ...
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glue mixed media items

My Favorite Mixed Media Art Glue is . . .

I'll just tell you, my favorite mixed media glue is: Mod Podge! (Let's not beat around the bush, here). When ...
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mixed media art materials blue

Getting Started with Mixed Media Art, Part 2: Materials

Let me run a few words by you: Glitter Shiny things Embellishments Do these words make your heart happy? If ...
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Canvas Panels or boards

Getting Started With Mixed Media Art: What Surface to Use?

Let's take a trip (In our favorite rocket ship?) If you know the song above, I am so sorry. That ...
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