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10 Non-Art Ways to Inspire Your Mixed Media Art

Sometimes, you just don't feel inspired. It's okay, it happens to the best of us. Maybe: there's life stuff happeningĀ  ...
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Artists Who Inspired Me When I Was Learning Mixed Media Art

I would describe myself as a mostly self-taught artist. I throw that "mostly" in there because, of course, I had ...
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My “Creating Art” Song Playlist (15 Songs!)

My Song Playlist for Creating Art It's time for a good, old fashioned . . . song playlist. For me, ...
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10 Inspiring Instagram Artists to Follow

10 Inspiring Instagram Artists to Follow I love Instagram for two reasons: I post my in progress and completed art ...
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52 Ways to Unlock YOUR Creativity

Ask me what I love doing most in the world. I will almost always say: something creative. Painting, drawing, writing, ...
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