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Allegro Bus

How I Feed Our Family of 7 on an RV Vacation

It was a fairly warm night for February, and dusk had already almost turned to night when I first saw ...
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Is This Your Junk? Why Being an Empath is Harder Than it Seems

Picture this: you're having a good day. Everything is going like it should. The only problem? You feel irritated and ...
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The Disappearance of Morgan Nick: A Small Town Tragedy

The Night Morgan Nick Disappeared On the night of June 9, 1995, a blond haired, blue eyed 6-year-old girl named ...
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Epic Makeup Review: I Rank My 18 Eyeshadow Palettes from Worst to Best

Since October 2018, when I received my first Boxycharm monthly makeup subscription box, I have become slightly makeup obsessed. I ...
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Everything I experience with my 13-year-old daughter comes with ghosts. Not gauzy, woo-woo supernatural ghosts. But shadows, echoes of the ...
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Tony Alamo – The Cult Around the Corner

I am a fan of the weird. Creepy stories, true life crime, and everything in between. For today's post, I ...
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photo of reaction to makeup products

Makeup Fail Day: I Had a Weird Reaction to My Makeup + Today’s Eye Look

Don't you just hate it when this happens? I put my eye makeup on first this morning and was really ...
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Gracie the dog getting a shower

But You Wanted a Dog! Our Family’s “30 Day Pet Rule”

I started my morning by taking a shower with a shit covered dog. Happy Thursday. The culprit: Gracie Coco, our ...
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