Mixed Media Art

paints and brushes flat lay

I Rank My Top 7 Favorite Mixed Media Art Mediums

I threw myself wholeheartedly into mixed media art about 3 years ago. In that time, I've tried out a lot ...
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artist style

How I Developed My Current Mixed Media Art Style

Developing my art style was one of the most frustrating processes I have gone through as an artist. Yes, really ...
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important art advice

The Most Important Art Advice You’ll Ever Receive

Bold title, yes? The most important art advice you'll ever receive? I know what you might be thinking . ...
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Marc Chagall Painting

5 Artists From History Who Will Inspire Your Art

One of the things my art mentor has pushed me to do is study and think about artists from history ...
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watercolor crayons

Fun Mixed Media Supplies: Watercolor Crayons

If you do mixed media art - or any art - for any length of time , you will probably ...
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real art gallery photo

Is Mixed Media Art REAL Art?

Do we make real art? And . . . should we care?? Before the world became so connected (Hey, Internet) ...
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what art style to choose

Different Styles of Mixed Media Art: How to Find Your Perfect Fit

Mixed Media Art: So Many Choices! There are an infinite number of different styles of mixed media art. The basic ...
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mixed media materials

My 10 Favorite Mixed Media Art Supplies

It All Started with a Dried Up Centipede . . . When I first started doing mixed media art, which ...
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girl at painting easel

Using Mixed Media Art to Cope

Using Mixed Media Art to Cope: My Story The day after Christmas 2009 was not a moment in my life ...
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