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Happy Halloween! New YouTube Video: The World’s Most Haunted Painting?

Happy Halloween!

I thought it would be fun to do a “scary” video just in time for Halloween. Of course, it had to be art related. So, I Googled Haunted artwork. And what should appear? A story I had never heard before about a piece of art that is allegedly The World’s Most Haunted Painting . . .

In February of 2000, a strange listing appeared on eBay. The title read: Haunted Painting: Warning & Disclaimer. Over the next 30 days, thousands viewed the listing, and one lucky buyer got to have the painting for $1025. But the story doesn’t stop there! This is only one part of the 47 year long mystery.

Give it a watch, like, comment, subscribe, or just have a Happy Halloween! I’d love to hear what you think! Haunted, not haunted . . . what are the facts telling you?

Links to information in this video:
Juxtapoz article:…
Bill Stoneham’s website:

Daily Dot article:…

Know your meme (actually helpful info!):…

More Halloween fun from my website: Using Halloween Art Supplies to Make an Abstract Mixed Media Painting

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