Hi, I’m Jaime!

I am a writer and mixed media artist who loves art, makeup, creativity, and dreaming about the day when I can support myself and my family with my creative work!

Notice I said “dreaming about the day?” Well I’m NOT just dreaming. Since 2006, I have been working to make my “work for myself” dream happen.

I’ve had setbacks. Times when I had to return to a regular job. And a startling (and hard to swallow) realization that I would never make it as an artist if I didn’t improve my skills. I want to share my journey with you because I know what it’s like to hold on to a dream through crazy highs (my first art show! my first writing client!) and real life lows (a divorce! returning to “the day job!”)

I have studied entrepreneurship and working from home for years, and – don’t get me wrong – there’s so much good information online to help you and me make the move from employee to entrepreneur.

But – I’ve found on my journey that a lot of times people don’t talk about what it really takes. What do you do when your dream isn’t paying the bills? How do you handle it when your plans have to go on the back burner because real life intervenes? How do you come when you have to face that depression is real and you are going through it?

Here on this blog I want to share my journey with you and give you all the info I know about what it takes to really share a dream, plus write about the things that I know and I am learning about.

Here is what you’ll find on my blog:

Mondays: Makeup Over 40 | I am a makeup junkie and post about products, makeup looks, skincare and anything else makeup related that I think will interest you! The focus is more for working with makeup in mid life because I am 40 and that’s what I know about!

Tuesdays: Creativity | I am an artist and writer. I share about the creative life: the awesome, the messy and the in between. I give you the tips, tricks and reality I have learned from my 10 year+ journey to become a working writer and artist so you can take a shortcut and not have to spend years in doubt, paralysis, or fear!

Wednesdays: Weird & Interesting | I am a fan of true crime, paranormal, weird stories, etc. I share the weird stuff I come across so we can be united in our weirdness.

Thursdays: The Mind | As an artist, one of the biggest struggles I have had is overcoming my own mental demons. I share what’s worked and what’s frustrating in hopes that it helps you, too. During my journey from teacher to creative, I had so many mental roadblocks! I have cleared some and still deal with others. I share what working for me in hopes it works for your too!

Fridays: Family | My family includes 5 kids (THREE of whom are teenagers!), 3 dogs, myself and my fiancé. I have learned a LOT about blended families, parenting, making things work, and more. Can you become an entrepreneur and still manage a family AND keep your sanity?? (The jury’s still out on that last one) Buuuuut I am fairy certain the first two are do-able, and I share how I’ve made it work for our large blended family.

Five Fun Things About Me:

  1. I am a total coffee addict. I love finding new flavored coffee brands to try and I adore my local coffeehouse for their amazing coconut caramel latte and homemade baked goods! Yum!
  2. I do NOT have a Maine accent, and never have. Weird, since most people I grew up with  – the force is strong with them! But since moving to the South, I’ve realized people have NO idea I’m a Northerner unless I tell them! Yeah, I blend!
  3. I have had my hair colored blue, purple, red and multicolored!
  4. I am crazy about skulls! I have skull décor, skull clothes, jewelry, and even shoes!
  5. My dining room is no longer a dining room – it’s my art studio! My family was completely on board for their crazy mom/fiancé to take over a whole room in the house so I can paint and write. Thanks, fam, you rock!

Bonus fact: I’m an INFJ, an empath, and shy and introverted. It makes life interesting, that’s for sure!

Have something you’d like me to cover? Let me know!

Have questions, comments or feedback? Drop me an email! I’d love to hear from you.


My artist website is: jaimehebert.com It’s where I post my finished paintings and art works and my thoughts on being an artist. I do mixed media art with an emphasis on oil painted portraits. I do commissions, so if you are interested you can email me at jaime@jaimeleighwrites.com or artistjaimeleigh@yahoo.com

Visit my Etsy shop to purchase my art: Dieselandink Etsy Shop